High resistant protection of concrete and steel structure surfaces


Materials „POLYUREA“ represent double-composite reactive resins based on polyurea, applied by hot-shot technology. The materials are applied exclusively by professional companies that were trained in detail on significant material properties, preparation of substrate, procedures and principles of application, as well as shot machine operation.

Main characteristics of polyurea based materials:

•    Creation of pore-free membrane that is water and liquid resistant
•    Break resistance upon concurrent high flexibility
•    Permanent wet abrasion resistance – value 0,03 mm after 250000 loading cycles
•    Long-term resistance to defrosting salts, diluted alkali and acids up to temperature +40°C
•    Overlaps cracks in the substrate without loss of tightness up to 2 mm width (based on the structure)
•    Excellent substrate adhesion (substrate treated in advance with systematic penetration); guaranteed cohesion
•   Unlimited protection of the substrate against corrosion  
•    Stable flexibility at temperatures -40°C through +150°C, ozone and UV-radiation resistance
•  Fast hardening resulting in reduced building time and technology break before restored use of the surface/ floor.

Examples of use:

•    Storage, process and collecting emergency tanks in the chemical industry
•    Railroad car washing stations
•    Antistatic industrial floor  
•    Protection of steel floor against corrosion, chemicals and mechanical wear and tear
•   Protection of steel against abrasion, as well as pipelines supplying abrasive mullock from the mines under high water pressure  
•    Protection of the rails and switches against stray current effects
•    protection of smoke flue in power plants
•    Waste pits, passable sewage, snail conveyers at wastewater purification plants  
•    Bio-gas station
•    Silage tanks